How Not to Make Friends on the Train to Cordoba
train to cordoba

From the Journal – The train to Cordoba can be a hazardous place…

Learning a lesson from our near-stranding in San Sebastian, we secured tickets for the train to Cordoba a few days early…
train to cordoba


Although maybe not early enough, as we got stuck in the rear-facing seats of our coach. So, we would be sharing leg room and personal space with two stern-looking, elderly Spanish women. To make matters worse, our poorly placed bag fell onto the head of one of our new friends as the train lurched forward. There were only a couple of large water bottles inside, but her reaction, well, I thought we might need an EMT!

I just learned the Spanish phrase for “I’m sorry”, and got to put the phrase to good use. “Lo siento! Lo siento!” She rubbed her head and her face for miles, while Krissy assured me that her left eye was already swollen before our little incident…

When we explained: “Hablamos Ingles,” they cut us a little slack… Our peace offering: a stick of chewing gum, and it seemed we had made a truce. Unfortunately, our seating arrangement required continuous eye contact for the next few hours, making things a little awkward, to say the least…

On to Cordoba

train to cordoba
Along the way, curious folks sometimes ask where we’re headed next. Eyes always light up when mentioning the Andalusian leg of our journey… The southern cities of Cordoba, Granada and Seville seem to be special places in the heart of Spaniards… A typical response: “Aaaah, beautiful, you’ll love it!”

So when our train to Cordoba arrived, it was clear why they are so enamored by the city… Tightly packed, white-washed stucco hugs the winding streets, providing shade from a relentless sun in crazy blue skies… Blooming orange trees gobble up the remaining rays, lining passages just wide enough for automobiles. Jingling horse-drawn carriages, hooves clicking on polished stones, seem a more natural fit. Awnings and shutters burst with color against the white canvas of homes, complementing the gated gardens of roses and carnations on every block, while the city’s Mosque-Cathedral walls and Roman pillars elevate the scene from magical to something even more grandiose…

If you’ll be visiting Cordoba, you might want to check out our Cordoba resource page.

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