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Wanderlust Duo Mixtapes, Travel Playlists, and Audio Recordings

Travel Mixtapes and Playlists

Travel Musics

Certain days call for certain music, and there’s no doubt that travel days call for positive vibes all the way.. This playlist has a knack of getting us through it all with smiles intact.

Soundtracks For Living

Every day should have it’s own soundtrack. That’s why we started our side project called Soundtracks For Living, a podcast designed to be your daily musical wingman.

Beach Time

A playlist designed to complement beautiful beach scenery.. Inspired by wonderful days spent on the beautiful beaches of San Sebastian, Spain. Relax and enjoy.

Audio Recordings from Around the World

Moximon Chanting

After The Rain

Kek Lok Si Chanting

Danpatsushiki Retirement

13-Piece Subway Ensemble

Nils Frahm at Paradiso

Amsterdam Procession

Protest at the Reichstag

Call to Prayer, Istanbul

Copenhagen Bus Singing

Gullfoss, Iceland

Jade Bay, Akumal, Mexico

Lisbon Street Performers

Marrakech Medina

Marrakech Wakeup

Welcoming Party

Halloween in Seville

Siesta Bells

Churchbells in Valencia

WTF! at Jamboree

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