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Josh will always remember tracing fingers around the illuminated globe in his childhood bedroom, while studying the stacks of National Geographics his great aunt left him.. Krissy recalls the iconic palms and beaches of her childhood family trips to Hawaii.  These are their earliest memories of a desire to see more of Planet Earth. Somewhere along the line they would be infected with an overwhelming urge to explore far away places, interact with unusual people, and experience strange cuisines..

meet wanderlust duo

They met in 1999 and were married a few years later.. Josh and Krissy lived the American dream, buying cars and houses and stuff to put in the houses, working 60 hours a week to pay for all of their treasures.
Over the years, they even had time to travel, taking weekend adventures to some of the greatest places in North America. But while visiting Europe for their 10 year wedding anniversary, they were bitten by the travel bug and were infected by the undeniable wanderlust that had been there all along. The 10 day trip through Spain, France, and Italy was enough to awaken their inner childhood adventurers, and they started dreaming about leaving it all behind and exploring the world.

meet wanderlust duo

In 2014, without a solid plan of action, Josh and Krissy made the leap and booked a one month stay in Barcelona, with plans to explore the rest of Spain.. They quit their jobs and began methodically selling their belongings, a conscious decision to replace old things with new experiences.
Two homes and a car sold, and many donations later, Josh and Krissy’s current home is wherever their backpacks are, and they’re officially fulfilling their dream! They are now known as the Wanderlust Duo and have explored much of Europe and Asia with no plans of stopping soon!
From the start, the Wanderlust Duo have documented their adventures, sharing with all those interested in their story. As their following has grown, they’ve made the decision to share their secrets of long-term travel, hoping to inspire others to take the leap and follow their own dreams.

meet wanderlust duo

With you’ll find location guides from all of Josh and Krissy’s travels, each with in-depth travel information, tips from local travel bloggers, and of course, lots of stories, photos and videos from their travels.

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Josh and Krissy Sedivy

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