Let’s Visit Cordoba, Spain!
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Cordoba, Spain

Home to countless flowering gardens, winding white-washed walls, and a historical heritage that is difficult to match. Visit Cordoba and be transported to another time. In ancient times Cordoba was home to one million people and one of the most advanced cities in the world. For centuries this city has been a place where multicultural and multiethnic artisans and scholars have come to flourish. Let’s visit Cordoba!
Visiting Cordoba? Here’s What To Do
visit cordoba

With such a diverse history, Cordoba will take you back in time with sacred architecture that reflects its historical multicultural coexistence. See the city’s collection of splendid structures that have been left behind from alternating Roman, Visigoth, Islamic, Jewish and Christian rulers.

Visit Cordoba: Mezquita aka Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba aka Great Mosque of Cordoba

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It’s no wonder the official name of this structure is still in contention. This UNESCO World Heritage site was first a Visigoth Catholic church then partly divided into an Islamic mosque. This complex is an absolute must see when visiting Cordoba!

Visit Cordoba: Roman Bridge of Cordoba

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Built in the 1st century BC by Romans, this picturesque pedestrian-only bridge takes you over the Guadalquivir River, and has even made an appearance on the popular Game of Thrones TV series.

Visit Cordoba: Puerta del Puente

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The “Gate of the Bridge” was originally part of the walls that surrounded the city. Located opposite the Roman bridge, climb to the top and get a great view of the bridge and the Mezquita.

Visit Cordoba: Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos

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This famous fortress built in the 13th and 14th century has gone through a few rebuildings in its past. Once home to Queen Isabel and King Ferdinand, this Alcazar was where Christopher Columbus had his first meeting with the king. Today you can stroll through the lush gardens, see the stunning mosaics hall inside, and even visit the Moorish style baths in the basement.

Visit Cordoba: Book a Tour!

Visit Cordoba: Roman Temple of Cordoba

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Discovered in 1950 due to an expansion of the city hall, these Corinthian columns are all that remain of a once remarkably large building. Visit during the day or at night when the impressive columns are illuminated.

Visit Cordoba: Cordoba Synagogue

Situated in the center of the Jewish Quarter, this sacred structure was once a hospital. Built in 1315, the plastered walls are covered in elaborate Mudejar patterns and grand wooden beams cover the ceilings. Visit the Synagogue turned museum and national monument any day but Monday.

Visit Cordoba: Mercado Victoria

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Every great city has an amazing gourmet food market and Cordoba is no exception! Located in the Jardines de la Vicrotia in the heart of the city, you’ll find this partly covered market, home to 30 stalls selling fresh produce and gourmet food.


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Getting to Cordoba

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Getting to Cordoba: FLY

There is technically an airport in Cordoba, but currently, there are no airlines in operation. If you’ll be flying, the closest international airport is Seville Airport, about 45 minutes by train to Cordoba.

Getting to Cordoba: BUS

Buses are not our favorite mode of travel.. The seats are generally cramped, the ride is bumpy, and departure/arrival times can be unpredictable. This said travel is generally the least expensive. In particular, the route from Granada, Spain is only $16 for the 3-hour trip.

Getting to Cordoba: TRAIN

Trains throughout Spain are a great option; you’ll avoid lines at the airport, enjoy beautiful scenery, and can be very comfortable. If you plan on doing a lot of traveling through Spain make sure you look into the Spain Pass, only available to non-residents. Fares & Schedules

Seville Airport to Cordoba City Center
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From Seville Airport

Fly into Seville Airport and head towards Cordoba, about 78 miles away. How will you get there?


The easiest and fastest way to reach Cordoba is by train. About 15 trains leave from Seville’s Santa Justa Station towards Cordoba Central each day, and tickets range from about $15-$25 depending on the journey time(there are 42 minute and 1-hour 22-minute trains). Purchase tickets from the station’s RENFE ticket window, or in advance online.

In order to reach Seville’s Santa Justa station from the airport, take a taxi for about $23, or find the Línea EA: Airport Special bus that stops at the far left of the Arrivals Terminal. You can purchase tickets for the 30 min. ride from your driver for 4EUR.

Cordoba Central Train Station to Historic Center

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Find the taxi stand just outside of Cordoba Central and expect to pay about $7 for the 15-minute ride to Cordoba’s old town.


Look for the bus station directly across the street from Cordoba Central station. Find Bus #3 and purchase single tickets from the driver for 1.30EUR, or pick up a ten-pack from the nearby Tobacconist shop for €7.10. Get off at the San Fernando bus stop, and you have arrived in Cordoba’s old town.


From Cordoba Central to old town is a nice, mostly downhill, park-lined walk, and only takes about thirty minutes. If not hauling a load of baggage, walking to the historical center is a suitable option as well.

Getting around in Cordoba
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Public Transport

The 14-line Aucorsa city bus system will have you very well-connected throughout Cordoba. Purchase single tickets from bus stop vending machines or the driver for 1.30EUR, or pick up a Bonobús Pass ten-pack from the nearby Tobacconist shop for €7.10. The online Aucorsa route planner is helpful when using the Cordoba city bus system.


Expect to pay 4EUR(about $4.66), plus 1.26EUR(about $1.47) for each mile. Hail the white, metered taxis with their green vacancy light on or find one of many taxi stands throughout the city. UBER is not currently available in Cordoba.


Cordoba, Spain boasts one of the largest UNESCO World Heritage urban areas in Europe, and you can walk to nearly every major city attraction when staying in the historic center. Walkscore.com gives the Cordoba historic center a score of 100, calling it a “Walker’s Paradise”. We also found this to be true and highly recommended exploring Cordoba by foot.

Where To Stay in Cordoba:

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Where To Stay in Cordoba: HOTELS

Cordoba offers a vast range of hotels to choose from. Options span from high-end hotels like Balcon de Cordoba Hotel or Hospes Palacio Del Bailio Hotel for $300 a night to more reasonable hotels like Macia Alfaros or Eurostars Las Adelfas Hotel for around $70 a night. When it comes to hotels, we recommend shopping Agoda.com, far and away the most competitive resource when searching for hotels in Cordoba.

Cordoba Hotel Deals

Where To Stay in Cordoba: HOSTELS

Cordoba has roughly 20 hostels to choose from, so if you’re looking for this type of accommodation you should probably plan in advance. Prices generally range from $15-$20 a night for a dorm room, while a private room will cost slightly more, at around $25-$40 per night. Hostelworld is our recommended resource when searching for hostels in Cordoba.

Cordoba Hostel Deals

Where To Stay in Cordoba: AIRBNB

We love Airbnb! From private rooms to entire homes, there are plenty of choices when visiting Cordoba. If you’re a first-timer with Airbnb, use this coupon and enjoy $35 off of your stay.

Cordoba Travel Tips

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Cordoba travel tips: Tipping

The general rule of thumb for tipping in Spain is to just add 10%. This said tipping in bars is not expected. A common tip for restaurant servers or taxi drivers is 10%.

Cordoba travel tips: Money

Spain’s national currency is the Euro, and is currently exchanging at 0.9EUR to $1USD. Credit cards are widely accepted and ATM machines are readily available.

Cordoba travel tips: Insurance

Traveling through Cordoba is exciting and safe, but you never know when some good travel insurance could come in handy. World Nomads offers the best coverage in the business, is affordable, and is quick to act should something go wrong. For more info, check out our recent World Nomads blog post.

If planning to visit Cordoba, you might want to check out our Cordoba resource page.

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