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Planning to Visit Paris? Here’s the Travel Guide
visit paris

Paris, France Welcome to Paris, the world’s most visited city! This incredible place is home to 470,000 trees, 9,057 open terrace cafes, and 31 condom vending machines. Known as the City of Light, not for the streetlights and the lighting … Continued

Planning to visit Marrakech? Here’s Your Guide
visit marrakech

Marrakech, Morocco Meaning “Land of God”, this UNESCO city resting in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains is Morocco’s most visited destination. A walk through the labyrinth that is the Medina is an assault on the senses like no other … Continued

Planning to visit Madrid? Here’s Your Travel Guide
visit madrid

Madrid, Spain This high-energy city is Europe’s third largest and sits at the highest elevation of any EU capital. With amazing tapas and over 2700 hours of sunshine/year, this city makes for a great vacation. Let’s visit Madrid! By day, … Continued

Planning to Visit Lisbon? Here’s Your Travel Guide
visit lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal A stroll through the streets of Lisbon is a revelation of incredible urban beauty… Brightly painted 18th-century buildings, many adorned with Lisbon’s trademark hand-painted tiles and ornately wrought iron balconies, line steep stone-laden streets complemented by decorative granite … Continued

Looking for Granada Insider Tips? Meet Kelley
granada insider tips

Kelley Watson Tells Us a Little About Herself, Why She Loves Granada, and Shares Her Best Granada Insider Tips “Hola amigos! I decided to take a break from my career and do some traveling, but I also wanted to make … Continued

Planning to visit Kyoto, Japan? Here’s THE Travel Guide
visit Kyoto

Kyoto, Japan This beautiful former Japanese capital is world famous for timeless beauty, and there’s no wonder this is the home to seventeen amazing UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Visit Kyoto for a taste of authentic, traditional Japan. Let’s Visit Kyoto … Continued

A Brief Lisbon History Lesson – Walking Back
lisbon history

Once upon a time – a brief Lisbon history lesson. During our three-month journey of what was once the Iberian Peninsula (now Spain and Portugal), we unexpectedly found ourselves tracing the region’s proud history back through the time.. Through architecture, … Continued

Planning to Visit Granada? Here’s THE Travel Guide
visit granada

Granada, Spain This beautiful city sitting at the foot the Sierra Nevada mountains grew to prominence as a Moorish stronghold during the 8th Century. Come explore the winding passageways of Granada and enjoy some of the best FREE tapas in … Continued

Leaving Istanbul via Crazy Taxi – From the Journal
leaving istanbul

From the Journal – Leaving Istanbul When leaving Istanbul the traffic can be notoriously unpredictable, so we began the packing routine a bit earlier than usual… Let’s go! Checklist complete, we lugged our gear up to Refik Saydam Street and … Continued

Let’s Visit Cordoba, Spain!
visit cordoba

Cordoba, Spain Home to countless flowering gardens, winding white-washed walls, and a historical heritage that is difficult to match. Visit Cordoba and be transported to another time. In ancient times Cordoba was home to one million people and one of … Continued

Planning to Visit Copenhagen? Grab This Guide!
visit copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark Once a Viking fishing village, this island city is one of the most environmentally friendly in the world. Copenhagen boasts more eating and drinking establishments than almost anywhere in the world, with 15 Michelin-starred restaurants, including the perennial … Continued

How Not to Make Friends on the Train to Cordoba
train to cordoba

From the Journal – The train to Cordoba can be a hazardous place… Learning a lesson from our near-stranding in San Sebastian, we secured tickets for the train to Cordoba a few days early… Whoopsy! Although maybe not early enough, … Continued

Get Ready to Visit Budapest with THE Travel Guide
visit budapest

Budapest, Hungary Separated by the magnificent Danube river, with Buda on the west side and Pest on the east side, this dynamic city has earned nicknames like ‘Heart of Europe’, ‘Pearl of the Danube’, and ‘Capitol of Freedom’. Visit Budapest … Continued

What to do in Brussels? Eat, Drink, Be Merry
what to do in brussels

Brussels, Belgium The capital of Belgium AND of Europe! Known as the political center of Europe, but we found Brussels has a fantastic sense of humor, and some of the best food and drink you’ll find anywhere. If you’re planning … Continued

What to do in Berlin? We’ve got you covered.
what to do in berlin

Berlin, Germany This once divided Capital of Germany has grown into a diverse and thriving international social center since the Berlin Wall fell in 1989.  Berlin boasts more bridges than Venice, is nine times bigger than Paris and lays claim … Continued

Trip planning? Here’s what to do in Barcelona.
what to do in barcelona

Barcelona, Spain Barcelona is a modern European powerhouse, the second largest city in Spain, the capital of Catalonia, and host to over 7 million visitors per year… And it’s easy to see why, with over 300 sunny days per year, … Continued