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Amalfi Coast Hiking: Ravello to Minori
amalfi coast hiking

Amalfi Coast hiking should be at the top of your list. People travel far and wide to this Italian Neverland for romantic pampering and white-knuckle road trips along the SS 163 Amalfitana coastal road. Although, we found (quite accidentally) that … Continued

Why You’ll Make Friends For Life When Traveling
friends for life when traveling

Why You’ll Make Friends For Life When Traveling The people you meet while traveling can make or break your trip. Indeed, you will encounter some less than pleasant people. But most individuals you come across will be in a similar … Continued

Planning to Visit Cebu? Here’s THE Travel Guide.
visit cebu

Cebu, Philippines This 1700 square mile island province is a tourism and economic center of the Philippines. Cebu City is not only the oldest in the Philippines but was once the nation’s capital and home to the first Spanish colony … Continued

Planning to Visit London? Here’s THE Travel Guide.
visit london

London, England Once called Londinium this city is the second most visited in the world behind Bangkok. And with an incredible history of world colonization, there’s no wonder more than 300 languages are spoken here. Can you believe there are … Continued

Planning to Visit Zaragoza? Here’s Your Travel Guide
visit Zaragoza

Zaragoza, Spain Founded 2000 years ago this capital city of Aragon is a melting pot of cultures, with strong influences from Jewish, Roman, Christian, and Muslim cultures. Zaragoza is known for it’s folklore tradition, exceptional local gastronomy, and it’s unforgettable … Continued

International Travel Insurance? Consider World Nomads
world nomads

World Nomads travel insurance is there just in case your adventure doesn’t go quite as planned. So you’ve finally booked that big trip abroad!? What will it be? Backpacking through Europe? Scuba diving in the Carribean? Searching for orangutans in … Continued

Planning to Visit Vienna? Here’s Your Travel Guide.
visit vienna

Vienna, Austria Literally meaning “Wine,” Vienna is home to over 1,700 acres of vineyards. And with Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Straus and Brahms having called Vienna home, it’s no wonder it’s been called the City of Music. Sigmund Freud also spent … Continued

Planning to Visit Tokyo? Here’s THE Travel Guide.
visit Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan Tokyo is wonderful, amazing, and enormous place. And with the world’s largest city population sharing the world’s second largest metropolitan area, things are done a bit differently here. Roughly 3.64 million people pass through Shinjuku Station daily, and … Continued

Leaving Seville (Ryanair is No Bueno)
leaving seville

Leaving Seville was not without some bumps and bruises(thanks to Ryanair) With two months in España under our belts and very few travel hiccups, we felt pretty confident entering the Seville airport, en route to Marrakech, Morocco… Arriving a few … Continued

Arriving with San Sebastian Beaches on the Mind
san sebastian beaches

We arrived at our destination and headed directly towards San Sebastian beaches. A scenic trip through the Pyrenees, the bus ride from Pamplona to San Sebastian is worth the hour and eight euro price tag alone. With San Sebastian beaches … Continued

Planning to visit Reykjavik? Here’s Your Guide.
visit reykjavik

Reykjavik, Iceland The world’s northernmost capital city is also the world’s greenest city, producing 85% of its energy from renewable sources. Reykjavik is so far north that the amount of daylight throughout the year ranges drastically from only 4 hours … Continued

Planning to Visit Prague? Here’s Your Guide.
visit prague

Prague, Czech Republic Once the capital of Bohemia, the Holy Roman Empire, and Czechoslovakia, this amazing city today hosts over 6 million visitors per year. The locals drink more beer per capita than any there country in the world, at … Continued

Visiting Playa del Carmen? Here’s Your Travel Guide
visiting Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Mexico An undeveloped fishing village as recently as 1990, this pedestrian-friendly beach town known as “Playa” now hosts 2 million visitors a year! With year-round warm temperatures and incredible beaches on the Carribean coast, Playa has rightfully … Continued