7 Surprising and Unexpected Singapore Tips
singapore tips

For Real!? Seven Singapore tips that may blow your mind.

It’s hard to believe that the island sitting at Malaysia’s southern tip was a third-world British colony, covered with rubber plantations just sixty years ago… Today you’ll find one of the world’s great economies, covered with modern skyscrapers and never-ending gardens… We came for Singapore’s reputation for amazing food, but were surprised to find so much more…

1. ’65 was a good year..

singapore tips
After 150 years of British rule and another tumultuous decade under Japanese occupation and Malaysian partnership, the rubber production center/trading outpost gained independence as the Republic of Singapore in 1965. Since then, the world’s only island city-state has blossomed into an economic powerhouse, incredibly boasting a GDP per capita similar to the United States and Germany.

2. And it shows!

singapore tips
The island, roughly half the size of Los Angeles, is a city of space-age skyscrapers and perfectly manicured tropical gardens. It actually looks like a real-life version of a masterfully played SimCity game.

3. The lion awakes at night..

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The Lion City is just one degree north of the equator, so it gets realllllly hot during the day. With average daytime highs around 88F, and the equatorial sun beating down on the metal, glass and concrete city, it’s no wonder Singapore comes alive at night when the mercury dips into the balmy 70’s. The neon lights flicker on, the food hawker centers fill with hungry patrons, the lion has awakened!

4. So take a walk!

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Singapore is truly a jaw-dropping city at night, and with little-to-no crime(more on that later), there’s nothing better than wandering the streets under the bright lights… Wandering is definitely a passion of ours, but in Singapore, we certainly found one of the best walks in the world!

The Route:

Blastoff – Singapore Sports Hub

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Take an Uber, taxi, or MRT (Stadium and Kallang MRT Stations are closest) to the Singapore Sports hub for a look around the magnificently modern stadium complex perched on the Geylang River with views of downtown skyscrapers… There are two stadiums, an arena, a mall, an aquatic center, and a library here, so there’s lots to see and do, but follow the river’s edge to.

Waypoint #1 – Tanjong Rhu Suspension Footbridge

Take the scenic walk over the bridge, as skyscrapers grow before your eyes and rowing teams practice below… At the end of the bridge, take a right and follow the path that divides the playing fields and bay’s edge… If the sun’s still out, neighborhood children play soccer as a never-ending line of joggers and cyclists hustle by…

Waypoint #2 – East Coast Parkway Bridge

The sidewalk curves as it follows the bay’s edge, keep following, until you pass under the giant East Coast Parkway Bridge into downtown, and you’ll be rewarded with fantastic views of one of the best skylines in the world… If you time it perfectly, the sun will be setting as the LED lights of downtown start twinkling, for a definite “WOW” moment… Have a seat on one of the park benches and soak it all in..
singapore tips

Waypoint #3 – Marina Barrage

But wait, there’s more! Keep following the path along the bay’s edge, until reaching another pedestrian bridge that crosses over the bay… This one’s called Marina Barrage, and what’s really cool is the bridge is actually a dam, designed to protect downtown from flooding and create a reservoir for recreation and drinking water.

Waypoint #4 – Satay by the Bay

By now you might be getting a little hungry… Get excited, because after crossing Marina Barrage, follow the path to the right along the water’s edge and you’ll find a pretty amazing food hawker court called Satay by the Bay. Yummy grilled meats and beer, anyone?

Waypoint #5 – Supertree Grove

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At this point, it should be pretty dark, which is ideal because you’ve got to see Supertree Grove at night… At the back of Satay by the Bay, you’ll find a small wooden bridge over a large garden pond… Cross the bridge, and follow the lit pathways until you see the Supertrees overhead! The unbelievable solar-powered trees have living plants that grow vertically 160 feet to the treetops… Lit by ever-changing LED lights, it’s a spectacle to behold… You’ll see only three at first, but continue down the path, following the signs, and you’ll be treated with an overwhelming experience that is Supertree Grove!

Waypoint #6 – Marina Bay Sands

You’ll also be at the foot of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, quite possibly Singapore’s most iconic landmark. Why not head up to the 57th floor for a nightcap next to the world’s largest rooftop pool!?

Total Distance = 3.85 miles. Total Fun = Infinite!

5. Is that gum in your mouth!?

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I have recurring nightmares revolving around Catholic school upbringing. I always thought that the chewing gum fines were bad but in Singapore? Well, you can be thrown in the lockup or fined heavily for such an offense. And, you’d have to be crazy to bring drugs with you… The immigration form clearly states: “Death Penalty for Importing Illegal Drugs.” You’re also in a heap of trouble for forgetting to flush public toilets, so let’s all be courteous and stay out of jail, mkay?!

6. Can’t we all just get along?

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Singapore’s population is a mix of Chinese, Indian, Malay and Westerners. Buddhist and Hindu temples, Christian Churches and Islamic Mosques are all well-represented here, and at many times are even on the same street or block, so everything seems pretty copacetic.. Maybe it’s all the awesome food they share?

7. Yes of course..

It always comes back to the food, doesn’t it? Well, it turns out that Anthony Bourdain named dishes at two nearby restaurants in his all-time top ten, and we’ve gotta eat, right? Check out our latest foodie video: “This is Singapore” and see what we thought..

Singapore, we hope to meet again someday!

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