Arriving with San Sebastian Beaches on the Mind
san sebastian beaches

We arrived at our destination and headed directly towards San Sebastian beaches.

A scenic trip through the Pyrenees, the bus ride from Pamplona to San Sebastian is worth the hour and eight euro price tag alone. With San Sebastian beaches on the mind, we weaved our way through, towering peaks on either side..

Steeply stacked mountain pines contrast with flowered pastures of goats and sheep, the occasional cluster of medieval homes crowding lone church towers… And then a brilliant flash of green-blue… Like a game of peek-a-boo, the horizon is a competition of sea and mountain, the bus searching for port in seaside San Sebastian.

san sebastian beaches

We arrived in late afternoon, enough time to find our place of rest, drop bags, and our tradition when near the sea, headed towards the San Sebastian beaches. The scene was amazing, Urumea and Sea a clash of titans, river current versus ocean tide, enormous waves their shrapnel. Surfers and fisherman soaked up the last minutes of daylight and we watched the sunset over the Bay of Biscay, hiding for the night behind mountains… It was a good day.

If you’re planning to visit San Sebastian, you might want to check out our San Sebastian resource page.

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