Reynisfjöru Beach, South Iceland – Video
reynisfjöru beach

A relaxing video recording of waves lapping on the black sands of Reynisfjöru Beach at Dyrholaey, Iceland.

The next in our series of beach recordings, watch lapping waves on the black sand Reynisfjöru Beach at Dyrholaey, on the south coast of Iceland, with views of the magnificent Reynisfjall mountain in the background, and the Reynisdrangar stacks rising out of the sea…

Legend has it, that the Reynisdrangar formations seen in the distance, are actually the remains of two trolls. Late one night, while trying to pull a three-masted ship from the sea, the sun began to rise. And as legend states, trolls caught in daylight are turned to stone, so these guys are stuck with their rocky disposition for eternity…

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