Prague Craft Beer Festival (Minipivovaru) – Video
prague craft beer festival

Enjoying the specialty brews of Minipivovaru, the Prague Craft Beer Festival

On this hot, Prague summer day we search for the refreshing cold beverage we all know and love so much: Beer! Craft Beer at Minipivovaru, the Prague Craft Beer Festival, to be exact. Follow along as we navigate Prague’s public transportation system, make our way to Prague Castle, then search for the hidden beer garden, overflowing with the many specialty craft beers of Prague, Czech Republic.

If you’re planning to visit Prague, you might want to check out our Prague resource page.

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6 Responses to “Prague Craft Beer Festival (Minipivovaru) – Video”

  1. Dustin

    Nice music and good job editing. Love to see you guys in action. But wish you would have gotten more drunk….lol so effing jealous if u two! Keep it up! You will have your own show soon!

    • Josh Sedivy

      Haha, it’s always a little sketchy getting drunk when you can’t pronounce your address.. Maybe next time! 😉

  2. Kevin Hoffman

    Funny video, and I agree, I like the music in the background. Cheers!

  3. Bonbon

    Great job ! Music a plus, nice to see yu two enjoying Prague…


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