Marrakech Call to Prayer – Listening Pleasures
Marrakech call to prayer

In the Medina, the Marrakech Call to Prayer IS the wake-up call.

We heard the Marrakech Call to Prayer and sat straight up in bed. A look at our phones, 5:32am… Chanting echoed loudly through the Riad… We jumped out of bed, pulling on yesterday’s clothes, and hurried up the rooftop stairs three at a time… A cacophony of voices, a dis-harmonic amplified chord, raised goosebumps on my arms… Our first Muslim call to prayer echoed through still darkened streets… The voice emanating from the adjacent mosque seemed to lead the call, echoed by countless others from towers across the Medina. Amazing. Have a listen:

If you’ll be visiting Marrakech, you might want to check out our Marrakech resource page.

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2 Responses to “Marrakech Call to Prayer – Listening Pleasures”

  1. andrew

    The call to prayer is intense!! I’m sure it was powerful to experience first hand.

    • Josh Sedivy

      I was looking forward to hearing the call more than anything in Marrakech.. It was completely mind blowing for us to hear it echo through the Riad at 5:3oin the morning..


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