Foodie Alert: Seville’s Macarena Neighborhood
Macarena neighborhood

Come for the history, stay for the food in Seville’s Macarena Neighborhood

So here we are in Seville, the capital of Andalusia, where Queen Isabelle sent Christopher Columbus on his search of the New World in 1492. Upon his discovery, the city became an economic powerhouse with exotic goods, most importantly gold, making Seville one of the most wealthy and powerful cities in the world…

Nearly 600 years later, Seville is a city still proud in tradition and full of culture. Parks, palaces, and cathedrals that were built in the time of Columbus remain well-preserved as a constant reminder of Seville’s dynamic place in history… With all the amazing architecture and a reputation as the sunniest city in Europe, no wonder Seville is one of the most visited cities in Spain.

Where to Eat in the Macarena Neighborhood of Seville
Macarena neighborhood

Even better yet, we discovered that our apartment in the Macarena neighborhood was surrounded by countless great restaurants, with menu prices nearly half of those in the city center. In all actuality, we may have found one of the best foodie neighborhoods in Spain… Here are just a few of our favorite spots for food in the Macarena neighborhood of Seville:

Nikkei Bar(now Zero Tapas Bar, same ownership)

Macarena neighborhood
Calle Calatrava, 34, 41002 Sevilla, Spain | +34 955 44 00 30

Located at the end of the Alameda de Hercules promenade in the Macarena neighborhood, Nikkei Bar is just one MpuntR Equipo restaurant group’s widely successful establishments in Seville. Described as a Japanese-Peruvian fusion concept, Nikkei Bar could be the perfect combination of latin flavors and Japanese technique. We especially loved octopus ceviche and duck breast nigiri.


Macarena neighborhood
Calle Calatrava, 16, 41002 Sevilla, Spain | +34 954 90 35 32

Also at Almeda de Hercules in the Macarena neighborhood, Sidonia is small a funky wine bar and restaurant that we absolutely fell in love with. Exceptional service, impressive wine list, and a creatively tasty menu all lend for an unforgettable experience at Sidonia. We were thrilled with our choices: egg-topped udon, grilled duck breast, and plenty of local cava.

La Iberica

Feria, 127, 41002 Sevilla, Spain | +34 954 91 67 71

If not familiar, Iberian pork is largely regarded as the tastiest in the world. The breed of black pig traces back to neolithic times in the Iberian peninsula and has a diet largely consisting of acorns from old growth oak trees. Long story short, Iberian pork is extremely expensive everywhere but Spain. La Iberica is a butcher shop in the Macarena neighborhood that serves up every cut imaginable at very reasonable prices. They even have a vending machine outside for late night eats… We recommend the Presa cut, a loin/shoulder hybrid… Aged, extremely tender and flavorful, and only about $10/lb… Amazing!

If you’re planning to visit Seville, you might want to check out our Seville resource page.

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