Leaving Seville (Ryanair is No Bueno)
leaving seville

Leaving Seville was not without some bumps and bruises(thanks to Ryanair)

With two months in EspaƱa under our belts and very few travel hiccups, we felt pretty confident entering the Seville airport, en route to Marrakech, Morocco… Arriving a few hours before departure is usually a good idea when traveling to a new country, but Ryanair was not yet open. So, with no kiosks available for check-in, we sat back and relaxed…

A line formed and grew longer and longer as we grabbed a bite to eat… By the time Ryanair finally arrived, forty-five minutes before the boarding time, there were nearly 200 people waiting… Spanish time, right? We took our place in line and waited patiently as it crept forward…

Trouble Leaving Seville
leaving seville

Twenty minutes later with very little progress, I headed over to customer service to see if they could help with boarding passes… A broken conversation of English and Spanish, I did my best trying to explain that we were not checking bags and only needed boarding passes… I received an answer that sounded like: “No luggage, Go to gate!” It didn’t seem right to me, but I gave up and jumped back in line with Krissy. Without a suitable explanation, Krissy took a turn with customer service… I was getting close to the front when she returned, nearly in tears… “They just charged us 70 euros each to print our boarding passes…”

Turns out, Ryanair charges 70 euros to print boarding passes for poor saps like us that don’t check-in online at least two hours before a flight.. They don’t clearly direct you to do so online, or mention the penalty, or even show up until after the deadline, so we were screwed… Our $38 tickets, with the exchange rate, turned into $129 tickets… I took another go at customer service, but despite all the charm I could muster, was met with a flat response to take it up with Ryanair… Aaaarghhh!!

leaving seville

It is said that misery loves company, but this load of travelers had little love left… Common courtesy must have been checked with the bags, and the disgruntled group pushed and shoved through a neverending series of lines.. Check-in, security, customs, the gate, the tarmac, and finally boarding were all lessons in patience… By the time each passenger found a seat and carry-ons were crammed into place, it was an hour past posted departure…

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