Why You’ll Make Friends For Life When Traveling
friends for life when traveling

Why You’ll Make Friends For Life When Traveling

The people you meet while traveling can make or break your trip. Indeed, you will encounter some less than pleasant people. But most individuals you come across will be in a similar position to you – traveling the world, just looking to have a great time. Many of them will become life-long friends you’ll always want to keep in touch with. Here’s why.

1. You’ll live in each other’s pockets

When you choose to spend the duration or a leg of your trip with the same people, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in each other’s pockets. In no time, you’ll know their best traits, as well as their worst habits – and you’ll have to live with both. Be patient, willing to laugh at yourself and able to compromise. What other choice do you have than to get along?

2. You’ll go through the toughest times together.

Getting lost, coping with accidents, avoiding fist fights, missing your bus – a lot of stressful things can happen when you’re traveling. It might not seem like it at the time, but you and your travel buddy will get through it together – being stronger as a result. Having someone to support you can make it easier to cope with challenging times.

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3. Positive group energy is infectious.

If you’re in a bigger group and there are three or four people whingeing constantly, it won’t be long before they bring the whole mood down. As the Secret Traveller says, in a group, energy with be picked up by others which can be a nightmare. Alternatively, it only takes two or three positive, happy people to boost morale and make everyone feel better. Not only would you rather stick with upbeat people while traveling, they’re the people you’ll be life-long friends with – the ones you can always count on for a good time.

4. You share the best memories.

Whether it’s trekking to Machu Picchu, sipping cocktails in Singapore’s famous Marina Sands Bay hotel, or swimming with sea turtles in Thailand, you’ll have formed life-long memories with those you travel with. You’ll always look back fondly when you think of those friends. After all, you’ve done some of the most amazing things with them – they’ll always be in your stories and thoughts, long after you’ve both returned home.

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5. Distance doesn’t bother you as much.

Friends who have traveled together tend to be less needy and more easy-going. As this Stay at Base explains, you’re both free spirited and don’t need constant updates or Skype calls. You both know you’re there for each other, without having to constantly validate it. That’s why traveling friends are some of the easiest to get along with, whether you’re together 24/7 or thousands of miles away.

Have you traveled with friends? What are your fondest memories? Share your experiences with us.

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