Deliciously hip Cordoba restaurants? You bet!
restaurants in cordoba

No doubt a city full of historical charm, but we truly fell in love with the deliciously hip Cordoba restaurants!

In addition to postcard looks and friendly locals, this city offers a pretty impressive food scene. Sure, the Spanish tapa is in full effect. Some of the best olives and goat cheeses you’ll ever taste are delivered with each drink, gratis. But we were pleasantly surprised to find the community of Cordoba restaurants showcasing Spain’s bounty of fresh seafood, world-class pork, and seasonal produce while pushing traditional creative boundaries with every plate..
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cordoba restaurants
We’re really just scratching the surface of culinary offerings, but here are a few of our favorite Cordoba restaurants:

Bodegas Campos

Calle Lineros, 32, 14002 | +34 957 49 75 00

We should be getting better at this by now… On the first day in a new city, we always arrive famished, nothing to eat, and no idea where to go.. In Cordoba, we did get a recharging siesta, but our moods began to spiral downward quickly as starvation set in… Like the commercial, we were both setting into diva mode, so we had to settle fast.

All signs pointed to possibly our favorite of Cordoba restaurants, Bodegas Campos. Literally. With two nearby parking garages, and even city street signs guiding the way, we figured this has got to be THE place… Turns out that this 108-year-old winery turned restaurant in 1980 is one of Cordoba’s most recognized culinary institutions, serving traditional Andalusian dishes and housing oak-barreled private reserves from such famous patrons as English Prime-Minister Tony Blair… They even let me in wearing shorts! We ordered dos vinos tintos, the house red wine, and were blown away… Two large pours of one the best wines I’ve ever tasted, for only 3.50 Euros each? Wow. My only regret, not learning exactly what we were drinking, and how to get more! Paired with Top Loin of Iberico Pork? Sublime…

Mercado de Victoria

cordoba restaurants
Paseo de la Victoria, s/n, 14004 | +34 957 29 07 07

We probably could have eaten all of our meals in Cordoba’s amazing gastro-market. Like a permanent food truck festival, thirty stalls offer everything from charcuterie and aged cheese to prepared-as-you-wish seafood, all packed into an iron and glass 19th-century pavilion… Just grab a table, your choice of vino, cervesa, or cocktail and eat until your heart’s content. Tacos? Yes, please… Fresh-made tortillas? Bonus! We started with a couple of spicy Cochinita Pibil tacos, then the Oxtail with pickled radish and cilantro, finishing with a giant plate of nachos, chips fried as we waited, and washed it all down with a couple rounds of Mexican beer (of course!). What a perfect way to enjoy an afternoon with loved ones…

La Boca

cordoba restaurants
Calle San Fernando, 39, 14003 | +34 695 96 18 62

Something about Sundays makes us crave some good ‘ole comfort food… Sunday also happens to be a pretty difficult day to find food in general, with markets and many restaurants closed for the Lord’s day… So we walked the streets, in search for some suitable craving-fixers… Imagine our surprise after a mile and a half loop through Cordoba, passing a sign advertising take-away: Hamburgers, Fish n’ Chips, Udon… Ding, ding, ding!! Winner, winner! That’s about as close to American comfort food that we could ever hope to find in Spain… We ordered the Fish n’ Chips and Udon offerings, a couple of sweet vermouth concoctions and our comfort food button was pressed completely. I only wish we had time to make it back one night for dinner. The beautiful dining room, fantastic service, and intriguing menu hinted at nothing short of exceptional…

La Bicicleta

Calle Cardenal Gonzalez, 1, 14003 | +34 627 97 61 36

Aside from a small cluster of people drinking outside the front window, La Bicicleta may be confused as a produce stand… Fresh veggies and fruits sit in the front window, but peek inside and you’ll find an oasis from the hot city streets. After a day exploring the enormous Mosque-Cathedral and nearby Alcazar, we needed shade and a cold drink, STAT! So we grabbed a spot at the bar, ordered a couple of cocktails featuring the window produce, exactly what the doctor ordered… Cool indie rock blared from vintage speakers, and the work of local artists adorned the walls. A simple plate of Jamon Iberico, tomato with sea salt, fresh-baked bread with plenty of olive oil, balsamic and garlic, and we had found our happy place…


cordoba restaurants
Plaza de la Almagra, s/n, 14002 | +34 627 97 61 36

We were lucky enough to stay on just the other side from the Cordoba city center from a cute little vegetarian restaurant: Organica… Situated on a tiny wedge of a corner, in an equally small plaza, the colorful cafe tables, and funky decorations had our attention… We finally stopped for a look at the menu and grabbed a piece of Red Velvet cake to go… Soft rich cake, chewy edges, creamy filling… Dang! So we stopped for another piece the next day, this time, Pistachio, equally delicious. Organico offers a whole menu of creative dishes, but the cake? Well, let’s just say it’s probably a good thing that it was time to move on…


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If you’ll be visiting Cordoba, you might want to check out our Cordoba resource page.

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  1. Lane Beck

    Hands down, the best dining experience we had in Córdoba was at Taberna Luque on Calle Blanco Belmonte! Our Spanish is not that good, but Señor Luque’s passion for his dishes and his desire to share them and their story with us was thoroughly evident and exquisite! His warm, personal service was absolutely impeccable! From the olives to the Pedro Ximenez he shared as well as several excellent tapas… Everything was wonderful! I highly recommend his mother’s rabbit recipe!

    Taberna Luque’s is a must!

    • Josh Sedivy

      Wow, Taberna Luque sounds like an amazing experience! We’ll definitely add it to our list next time through… Thank you for sharing, Lane! 🙂


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