Amalfi Coast Hiking: Ravello to Minori
amalfi coast hiking

Amalfi Coast hiking should be at the top of your list.

People travel far and wide to this Italian Neverland for romantic pampering and white-knuckle road trips along the SS 163 Amalfitana coastal road. Although, we found (quite accidentally) that Amalfi Coast hiking should probably be at the top of the itinerary.

For hundreds of years before modern roads were built, the main method of traveling from seaside to mountaintop was (you guessed it), by foot! Today, aside from an occasional hiker, the complex web of steep staircases and footpaths connecting the villages are used mostly by locals. With terraced vineyards and gardens, ancient chapels and incredible views, there is perhaps no better way to gain a sense of traditional life than to climb these worn but sturdy paths.

Amalfi Coast Hiking from Ravello to Minori
amalfi coast hiking

While visiting the ancient mountaintop stronghold of Ravello, famous for 11th-Century Villa Rufalo, we happened to follow a group of local teens around a corner and down a long steep staircase. At the bottom was a stone path, followed by another steep staircase. We descended, curious about what we might find, and were met with an inscribed stone sign pointing to Amalfi in one direction and Minori in the other. Since we had already visited Amalfi, we headed towards Minori and began our introduction to Amalfi Coast hiking.

The hike is relatively easy, and there’s no map necessary, but first you’ll need a starting point. From Piazza Duomo, the plaza with the giant cathedral, follow Via Dei Rufolo under the archway and take an immediate left down the narrow staircase after exiting the archway. From there, simply follow all markers to Minori and avoid all upward staircases. The scenery is simply remarkable. Here are a few of our favorite photos:

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Getting to Ravello

A quick ferry ride can connect you to just about any port on the Amalfi Coast. Unfortunately, Ravello is not the case. At 1200 feet above sea level, your best bet is the five-mile, 40 min bus ride from the Amalfi port. You’ll need to purchase a ticket at the nearby tobacco store and find the bus headed to Ravello. Depending on the time of day, departures run every 20-30 minutes.

Back From Minori
amalfi coast hiking

Minori is a pretty little village without the buzz of tourism found in Amalfi. Stick around to soak up the laidback vibe, or take the Travelmar ferry back to your town of choice.

If you’re planning an Amalfi Coast adventure, you might want to check out our Amalfi Coast resource page.

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  1. Kim

    Hi! Thanks for this post. We are going to Ravello soon and I wondered about hiking. About how long do you think the hike to Minori is from Ravello? Thanks for the help!

    • Josh Sedivy

      You’re welcome! The hike is all downhill and took around an hour I believe. One of the most beautiful walks we’ve ever taken!


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